Friday, July 31, 2009

Lake George and 3rd Birthday Fun

My mom and my niece Ashley came to visit us for a couple of days. Ayden loved having someone else to run around with and Abigail enjoyed being the center of my mom's attention.

Feeding Abby at Million Dollar Beach in Lake George. It was super hot that day.

Abby cooling off in the lake.

My mom and the kids building a sand castle.

Ashley and Ayden taking a break from all the fun to pose.

Making a swimming pool.

That's only deep enough to stand in.

Abby in her cute sun hat.

Waiting for Nana to get Ben and Jerry's. She ate there 3 times that week.

This is in Saratoga Springs at a yummy Crepe Restaurant. It's one of our favorite
places to eat, but we don't get up there much.

Ashley just had to get a Webkins doll, so we headed up to the mall.
While we were there, Ayden played at the little playground they
have there. No pictures of him, just of Abby being cute.

This is the only picture we got of Ayden at his birthday dinner. It will have to do.

Abby kept taking Ayden's ballon in the car.

This was my attempt at making Ayden frog cupcakes.
They eyes were supposed to be green cookies. Turns out
they only sell them around Saint Patty's Day.

Justin's parents watched the birthday celebration on ichat.
Despite the fact that Ayden talked about blowing out his candles
all month long, when it came time, he refused.
(Please ignore the mess in the background.)

Enjoying the yumminess.

Opening presents.

And more presents.

It was a very fun week, but it was nice to get back into our regular routine again. Happy Birthday Ayden!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Army Crawl

Abigail is finally moving. Looks like it's time for the baby gates.