Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Rich's Fright Farm, but still fun!

In years past, this time of year would see Rachel and I heading to the West Virginia, Pennsylvania border for a night of frightes and laughs at Rich's Fright Farm (best haunted hay ride/house I've ever been to). Instead we've decided to tone it down so we could have fun with Ayden. This past weekend we took Ayden to Fright Fest at The Great Escape (6 Flags) so he could trick or treat and show off his new Halloween costume.

We decided to go with the vampire look this year. The fangs and make up were left off and anyone who has a 2 year old can tell you why.

Besides being one of my favorite times of year, October also brings leaves....lots of leaves. Luckily we bought a blower/multcher which not only saves my back but allows me to use a power tool to do chores. Like any normal child, Ayden just liked playing in the pile.


jodymodarelli said...

Cutest vampire in the state of New York!!!!!!

April said...

I put some pictures up from the mall on Halloween