Friday, October 3, 2008

September Continued....

The rest of September was pretty uneventful so I've just added some photos for a typical evening for us, well typical to me at least.

For some reason whenever I get home I have some animal loudly squeek at me as soon as I get out of my car. So after a month or so of this, I finally just grabbed my camera and went to see what it was.

Don't be fooled by the picture, this vicious little thing squeeks at me the whole time I'm outside letting me know that I'm in HIS yard.

After being yelled at by a demonic chipmonk, I come inside to a hungry 2 year old ready to do his share so we can get started on dinner.

Armed and ready for action, he awaits the buzzer to go off so he can run to the oven and help us!

After eating and rubbing the majority of his meal into his hair, it's bathtime! Those pictures are on the previous blog so we'll skip that. When he's had his fill of coloring all over the tub with "water crayons" that don't come off with water (we're pretty sure the coloring will stay there forever), we do one of two things.

Call my parents.

Or video chat with my parents.

Either way, Ayden loves talking to his Grammy and PopPop. So much so that anytime we turn on the computer or the phone rings he starts yelling "Grammy and PopPop!". After telling my parents about his train, it's story time (again, see the previous post) followed by brushing our teeth and then bed time! As soon as his door shuts Rachel and I collapse on the couch and ask ourselves how we're going to handle 2!!

So that's a typical evening. Pretty boring huh? Well, at least its more eventful (and interesting) than a Vice Presidential debate.

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