Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Bed, the Bath, Sliding, and of course, APPLES!

September so far has been hectic. It began with Ayden graduating from crib to toddler bed. Of course it isn't as significant as it sounds, we just took the front end off of his crib. We've been very lucky with him though. For some reason he refuses to get out of his bed until one of us opens the door in the morning (or after a nap) and tells him he can get out. Not that I'm complaining, but as much as he purposely defies us we were surprised he doesn't get up.

Here Ayden gets ready for bed with story time in his "new" bed.

This month we also decided to get him some "Bath Crayons" to play with.....and play he did.

Ayden showing his artistic side.....we just hope it comes off.

The artist at work

September in upstate New York means the start of apple season! We decided to visit a larger orchard this year and man did it ever pay off. This place had more apple trees than I've ever seen! Not to mention one of the better bakeries I've been to. We knew it was good when they put out the Frisbee size cinnamon rolls! Anyways, they gave us a map of the orchard and which varieties were in season. We stuck with Gala and McIntosh since those are Ayden and my favorite varieties.

Ayden helping me pick some Gala.

Ayden a sea of Gala apple trees.

We left the orchard with 6lbs of apples. Not the greatest horde, but believe me, we're just getting started for this season. Fall in this area definitely has its perks, including nice cool weather. We do are best to take advantage of it since we know what is coming next. So, to end this part of September's blog, here are some pics of Ayden and his slide.


Pasifik said...

He is so cute!

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April said...

yay you guys are so cute!