Sunday, September 14, 2008

August 2008; Reunions, Family Visits, and a Really Big Lake

Ok, our story continues. First, let's answer the question about Ayden; are the terrible 2s really terrible? Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask Rachel and I, we'll tell you yes they are. If you ask his grand parents (on both sides) they'll tell you vengeance is sweet. Little consolation to us, but they did find time to visit him this month.

Here Ayden attempts to make a welcoming sign for his grandparents.

Ayden and Rachel's Dad (David)

Rachel and Ayden at the Purington Family Reunion.

David and Great Uncle Harold

Ayden and Rachel meeting a long lost relative at the Purington Family Reunion in Vermont. Well, I guess you can say Rachel and Ayden are the long lost relatives.

The Purington's version of Where's Waldo? Can you find the Klavans?
(I'm an Orioles fan)

On the way home from the reunion we all decided to stop at Lake Champlain because it was there. I was hoping Champ would make a cameo, but he snuffed us. I swear, a little publicity and suddenly you think you're a legend or something.

Rachel and her dad posing with Lake Champlain in the background

Ayden pushing his stroller by Lake Champlain.
I tried and failed to get him to push me. Little booger.

After our little excursion to Vermont, David and Nancy had to go back home. Ayden was very upset. This was a short lived emotion because my parents showed up shortly after, gifts in hand for all....including their unborn grand daughter (apparently my mother has 28 years of pent up girl shopping stored up). We only had one good picture from that visit because we spent most of the time getting the computer (thanks again Mom!) up and running so I stole a picture from a June visit that I thought was cute.

Rachel and my father strike a pose at Collins Park.

My father and Ayden reading a book from a June visit.

Well, that about does it for August. Next up Apple Picking!
Look for that post sometime soon.

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