Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, so much has happened in the last couple of months that I could spend pages and pages writing. So I've decided to make the next couple of posts sum up that month's experiences using pictures instead.....I can hear all the sighs of relief.... To begin - A visit from Jody, Aunt Brooke, Ashley and AJ visit

Ayden, Ashley, and AJ hanging out at the Saratoga County Fair

Jody, Ashley, and Rachel posing in front of Congress Springs in Saratoga Springs

Aunt Brooke and Ayden "pregaming" his birthday

Shortly after they departed, Ayden turned 2. We celebrated with Red Robin

Ayden digging in!

Ayden and I enjoying his 2nd birthday dinner at Red Robin

Well, that sums up July. Next up August......but that'll wait until next time. How else are we supposed to build up the suspense? Will the terrible 2s come on with a vengence? Will more family visit? Check back to find out!!!!!!!

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