Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thatcher Park Hike

With Rachel and Abby in Roanoke hanging out with the Wiley's, Adyen and I decided to go on a little adventure. We took a hike along the Indian Ladder Trail at Thatcher Park to look at some water falls.

We started at the overlook....

And then made our way along the Escarpment Trail (it runs above the Ladder trail).....

We hooked up with the Indian Ladder Trail and headed under the Escarpment Trail to look at the water falls and the caves below......

We then triumphantly emerged back onto the Escarpment Trail where we began!

The whole trip was a little over a mile. Not too shabby for a 3 year old!

And now it's on to our next manly adventure........seeing if we can clean up our mess before the girls get home!!

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